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Sentieri inVersi / Anime Salve Terra e Mare

Anime Salve, Rescued Souls, describes the conditions of all those "lost souls" that have being marginalized from society. Our inspiration comes from the italian songwriter Fabrizio de Andrè (1940-1999), who wants to represent their point of view about their inner conflicts and choices: an eulogy of Solitude in all its aspects, as a conscious lifestyle choice and as a way to reach freedom.


choreography and dance: Francesca Bracelli, Valentina Di Pippo, Martina Bruni, Luca Cacitti, Armando Roberto Disanto, Giulia Torri, Valeria Bergamini, Marco Casoli, Gabriele Montaruli, Vita Stasolla, Elena Sgarbi, Nadia Fazzari

Music: Fabrizio De Andrè and Ivano Fossati, from the album "Anime Salve".

Costumes: Marco Casoli and Ans Koijman.