10, 11 en 12 juli 2009, Rotterdam

Maria Karagianni / Notations under provisions


Dance notations systems (only few universally established ones), as much as video recordings can be used for claiming authorship of a choreography.This dance performance is more a project investigating authorship in dance than a fixed dance piece.

The computer interface is the medium through which the audience can compose their own choreographies by using the keyboard during the performance. The computer programme is based on the system of Laban Rudolf for analyzing movements (which is the only 'open source' system that can be used without special permissions). An audience member, by typing their name and answer a question in the beginning of his/her typing, can choose whether to keep all the rights of the dance notation reserved or release  them to the public domain. The 2 dancers correspond and execute the instructions given by the audience members through the computer. The pages of the notation are printed at the end of each choreographic session. Several audience members can take the turn to choreograph during one performance.




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