10, 11 en 12 juli 2009, Rotterdam

Aleksandra Maciejewska / report of lost things


...as in the rehearsal process that aims to finite entity, this work shows only the capacity of becoming a work and proudly never manages. In consequence.... the unrehearsed; hand-held takes and minimally edited shots, invented fables, forgotten instructions and undeveloped characters have become not only a method but a metaphor for positive transitions in disastrous scenarios...


The installation will run continuously on Saturday between 16:00 and 20:00 in the basement of Dek 22.

As part of this installation, there will be a performance escaping from the report of lost things, of saturday on Friday 20:00 / Saturday 15:00 / Saturday 17:30, see the time schedule for further details.

Performers: Eugenia Demeglio, Demitri Estdelacropolis, Kenneth Henry, Aleksandra Maciejewska, Saskia Venegas, Konrad Szymanski
Concept: Aleksandra Maciejewska

Aleksandra is a member of Apes Container



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